Sunday, April 17, 2016


I'm avoiding housework, something that usually takes up a lot of my Sundays.  That and laundry, meal planning and grocery shopping.  I don't mind doing these things sometimes and other times, I avoid them like the plague!  I'm somewhere in between today.  The meal planning and shopping are already done, and the laundry is going.  I'm mainly avoiding dusting, vacuuming and cleaning bathrooms. Ugh... So instead, I'll write! Maybe somewhere in the next 30 minutes of writing, my motivation for cleaning will show up.

Weekends are full of usual routines, and special occasions.  The last month has had some of both.

Easter weekend really should have been it's own post, so forgive me if this post is overloaded with photos.

We took a day trip to Ikea with our little ones (I realize they aren't really that little anymore).

There was the traditional eggs to color and Easter baskets.

This silly girl is ready for a fun filled day at her Titi's house!


Pretty girls.

Handsome fellows.

Such a sunny day, beautiful weather, but squinty eyes.

Driving practice!


This was our first year to try a pinata.  This thing was indestructible!

Even the grown-ups had to help!

Everyone practiced driving!

Seriously a fun day!  One of the best Easter's ever.


I am a somewhat predictable gal, with a lot of routines.  Most weekends begin the exact same way...

With coffee of course!  Lorelei has started to enjoy a little coffee these days too (OK, mostly warm frothed milk, with a splash of coffee!)  I love the simplicity of our weekend mornings, coffee, couch cuddles, book reading or a little t.v.

Some of our special events this month included running a 5k for Parkinson's Disease...

Jonas actually placed 3rd in his age group and won a medal!

Later we headed to Old Town Helotes Market Days...

If it's a weekend, you can pretty much count on a sleepover of some sort!  Either Savannah is off at a friends, or we have an extra kid at our house.  Jonas and Lorelei take turns having a friend from school over.  We took these girls shopping.

I scored some finds with some Kohl's cash!

Week days are just as full as ever...always something to do.

Bedtime reading...

 Interrupted by a horrendous hailstorm!

Even though I was not looking forward to a night out in the middle of the week, I had a blast with my mom and sister at the Barry Manilow concert!

This weekend was all about Star Wars...relaxing Friday night with the boys watching the original Star Wars.

A storm just rolled hail thankfully this time.  I think I have avoided my chores for long enough now...

Off to finish up!

Happy weekending friends!

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