Sunday, March 20, 2016

Hello Spring...

...Goodbye Spring break.

I think it's a weird phenomenon how a week off seems to last so much longer, than a week of school and work.  Slowing down in life, really makes time seem to slow down too.  Add the fact, that you can go to sleep and wake up when you want!

We did our fair share of lazing and lounging, and flowing and going.  I think we all feel rested and ready to face school and the best of Spring!

There was plenty of lunches out, a real treat for the kids because we don't do it often. We hit Wendy's, Freddy's and Pei Wei's.

We spent a lot of time outdoors: walks to OP Schnabel, raking leaves with Nana and Papa and yes, even some swimming.

Even the leaves feel the love...

Our mornings were slow and lazy...with lots of coffee, books and coloring!

There were days with errands, like haircuts and doctors appointments.



They waited patiently at the sleep specialists, drawing together.

We only hit Starbucks twice!  Not bad...

St. Patrick's day was simple, yet fun.  We had our traditional corn beef and cabbage (sorry no picture), with a swim to follow!

There were several sleepovers, which is a normal routine at our house.  I seem to always have an extra kid at our house, which is fine with me!  Nothing better than a houseful of kids!

Of course, the girls couldn't let the boys have all the fun swimming!!

Savannah came each time, but was wise enough to realize the water was WAY too cold!

She Snapchatted this without me knowing, while we were there.   She still loves her mommy!

Freezing already!

Luckily the sun was out and there were swings to warm up on!

Signs of spring in Texas...lots of wildflowers, even in our yard.

A storm rolled in and pushed out our summer like temperatures.  The clouds were much more impressive than the storm actually was, at least at our house.

There was lots of cooking and always a junior sous chef around.  Taco Tuesday on a Friday! Ha! :)

These creative kids of mine...or mischievous?  Regardless, stair surfing is a new sport at our house.

So hello Spring...goodbye Spring break.  Here's to a renewed spirit, mind and body and a great week back to school.

Happy Spring from the Boyen Bunch!

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