Sunday, February 28, 2016

Fun February...the good, the bad and the ordinary returns

The power of persuasion is a strong one.  I never had any particular feeling about February (okay that's not entirely true, I see I have a post from two years ago called February Sucked...and Other observations..) it's just a month and a short one at that.  The principal at our school calls it Fun February, in a sarcastic way though.  She thinks February is a tough month in education (maybe in everyday life too?).  But I never really even noticed February for much more than the month of my parent's birthdays and Valentine's Day.  However...THIS February I am glad to see go.

Really this month wasn't so bad, but there were certainly some not so nice things that happened.
So time to revisit the good, the bad and the ordinary.  This time however, I'm going to start with the good and then the bad...

~Someone backed into my Suburban and Wal-mart.  The good: No one was hurt, we weren't even in the car and the damage is minor.  The bad: I still haven't even had a moment to call and get it fixed, and am wondering if I should even bother!

~My less than a year old LG G4 crashed...dead. The good:  It was still under warranty and my photos were all on an SD card.  The bad:  It was a pain to deal with trying to restore my phone to all the previous settings.  I am so not tech savvy!  AND:  Less that a week later, Savannah's phone is doing the same thing!

~Lorelei is having tons of sleep issues again. The good:  She had a sleep study last week and we are waiting for the results and hoping to get some answers.  The bad:  The poor girl is exhausted. (Okay, maybe I am too.)

~We went to get Bailey his Learner's Permit, only to wait in line for an hour to find out one form was wrong.  The good: The lady who helped us said if we came back within a day with the right form, we wouldn't have to wait in line again.  The bad:  well...the obvious, we had to go back again!!  The amazing:  Bailey has his learner's permit now!!  WOW!

~Bailey got sick...a virus I think, high fever and headache, body aches, etc.  The good: So far no one else has caught it and he's already feeling better.  The bad:  He had to miss one of his favorite YOSA concerts of the year, the Side by Side with the San Antonio Symphony.

As far as the ordinary...there was concerts, doctor's appointments, Valentine's Day, my parent's birthdays, school tests, library trips, field trips, after school clubs and the normal day to day moments, that fill this extraordinary life of mine...

YOSA's mid season concert at the Tobin.

A sweet note on my car at the Sleep Specialists...

Lab work for this little one...she did great of course!

Some family time at the monthly Home Depot workshop.

Valentine's love...

My bumper damage...see not so bad!

Happy birthday to Papa.

The last picture on my phone before it crashed.  This is Lorelei at her sleep study right before they hooked up all the wires.  I couldn't get a picture of that.  She wanted to see what she looked like.  We took a trip to the bathroom after...she was amazed!  It was a hard night...she cried, tossed and turned and even pulled out her nose cannula.  But there was enough data.  Hopefully, we will hear something this week.

Nana's birthday celebration...(pictures taken by my sister!)

Two more days of Fun February...hoping they are uneventful for sure!

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