Sunday, January 31, 2016

Talent, time and 43.

Talent...lots of people have it, but only a few share it like they should.  I'm always amazed how performing doesn't even phase Bailey.  His willingness to share his talent and love of music with others, comes with great ease.  He and a few fellow O'Connor orchestra friends enter the local classical station's Young Talent competition.  This was Bailey second year in it, but his friend's first. They were selected as one of the top 3 groups to perform at the final show.  They were profession and refined beyond their years.  They took second place, but won first place in our hearts.  

It was really a lovely afternoon.

Funny enough, Carson's Talent show was also this same week.  This has grown to be quite the event at our school.  I think everyone is really beginning to love it!  Jonas and some friends were in some skits.

The teacher's are in on the fun too.  I think although it causes us a bit of extra stress, deep down we all love it!  We decided to channel our inner sixties vibes and did some back up dancing and singing to The Temptations , My Girl.

Mr. Kline and his amazing set of pipes, really nailed the song.  And we were looking pretty hot for a bunch of 3rd grade teachers.  The best part...we had a great time.

We capped the week off with my birthday...making me really wonder about this thing called time. can I be 43?!?  How can that much time have passed?  I realize age is just a number, but 43 is a big number!! I'm not embracing this birthday very well this year.  I am however, embracing those grey hairs! :)

The kids, John and my family went out of their way to make me feel mighty special.

I love the birthday cake from John and especially the candles...I feel 34.

Savannah reminding me I'm really 43!  

Lorelei and I spent the afternoon running some of the usual Saturday errands...gymnastics, Starbuck's fro my free birthday coffee, the library and finally, I treated myself to a haircut from D'Anthony's in Helotes.

I came home to this!

And a few of my favorite people helped me celebrate with a yummy dinner and cake.

Tonight we head to the Tobin to watch and listen to Bailey perform again with YOSA.  It's their mid-year concert and a wonderful way to close out my birthday weekend.

My wish for this year...well, you know I can't share that, or it won't come true!!  But I'd for sure love for this thing called time to slow down.  

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