Tuesday, December 22, 2015

The trouble with elves...

This post was started 12/13/15...

The trouble with elves is they take a lot of time! I'm referring to the ones on the shelf, as well as the ones in my family that keep me guessing! Phew...I started this blog post nearly 2 weeks ago. 

We've been on the go this month.  So many performances fall in December, it definitely keeps our musical family with a full schedule,  There's been a lot of "elfing around".  My stress level has been up, I've been cranky and over extended.  That's not a surprise as a working mom of 4 right?  The holidays are frequently viewed as a stressful time.  Knowing that one of my best ways to de-stress is to write and reflect, I figured...I better sit down and get to it!  

Reflecting on these moments help me to realize, all the running around and chaotic schedules are worth the memories...

Taco Bell...yep, it's one of our favorites when we are on the go.  Not gonna lie!  Even Nana will eat it!

It's Jonas' turn!  This guy was literally an elf for the school musical.  He really took to the stage and thoroughly enjoy being in the musical.  He was a natural!

The musical kept me busy too, since I was assistant director.  But all the time put into it was so worth the final product!  I love the theater!  (Even if it's in a school cafeteria!)

 The whole family came to show their support!

We girls had a few opportunities to see some real concerts, like Jim Brickman at The Empire Theater downtown.

Bailey was once again part of the Region 11 concert.  He was first chair viola this year, with a lovely solo.  These kids always amaze me.

Handsome guy right?  Maddie his girlfriend was standing over my shoulder making him smile!

Savannah and Bailey had their school Christmas concerts on the same night!!  Bailey graciously told us to go to her concert instead.  What a great big brother!  Savannah was wonderful!

This semester, as I have mentioned before, I had a wonderful student teacher, Renee Dominguez.  I had an opportunity to be part of her graduation award ceremony/celebration.  We had a fun time celebrating her success.

We capped off the last days of school with Christmas parties at school.

This sister generously took us to see Josh Groban.  It was another fabulous girl's night!

Now back to that Elf on the shelf...if you are one of the many "Elf Haters" out there, now would be the time to stop reading.  Thanks for reading about the Boyen Bunch!  Now move on...

If you are all about childhood fantasy and magic, keep reading...

Our elf Finland made his return in early December and has been filling our house with joy and mischief ever sense.  Now our elf, isn't "watching" to see if they have been naughty our nice.  In my house, we don't use that idea of the elf on the shelf.  We are simply housing him during his busy season, providing him some positive love and attention from his assigned kids.  I think Finland knows how kind and caring the Boyen kids are, even if they are having a naughty moment.  They are human children after all.  Now Finland is a pretty simple elf...not too many shenanigans from him. This year though, he has a new friend.  Jonas made him a present last year, a little pine cone elf.  It appears, Santa's magic worked on him and now he's Finland's sidekick!  We named him Spritely. He's been a nice addition to our Christmas season.  They've had some fun...

Jonas wrote him a letter full of questions...Finland graciously wrote back.

I just love seeing the joy of my children's faces, searching for their elf and the surprise when they make a prediction of where he might be in the morning and then he's actually there!!!  Lorelei saw the container of candy canes and just knew Finland would love it and bet he might be there in the morning!

Finland and Spritely's time is almost done.  But the joy and magic they brought these last 20 days, is worth all... the trouble with elves.

Merry Christmas, Love...
The Boyen Bunch

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  1. Awww! I made your blog! I'm glad you were able to come! your elf is hilarious! I laughed out loud with him scanning his face! Brianna wants to invite an elf in our home next year after hearing all the fun you guys are having! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE! <3