Thursday, October 1, 2015

October 1...Fall is here!

It's been awhile.  If you look back at my history of blogging, September is always a month with very few posts.  Blame it on being back to school, after all blogging isn't my full time job...teaching is!  Finding a topic to write about in the midst of being knee deep in school is often difficult for me.  I'm trying something different today.  As I type this post, my entire 3rd grade class is watching it on the overhead projector.  I'm attempting to model for them the process of writing and editing.  Our lesson today is on using "voice" in our writing.  I've been told by several of my readers, that my "voice" is loud and clear in my writing.  Sometimes, I don't even realize my voice is ringing through my writing, but having voice in writing is about letting your own personality shine through your words.

One of the main points I really hope to get through to my kiddos, is that writing is an art.  Writing is taking your creative thoughts and ideas, to paint a picture in the minds of their readers.  No detail is too small to share.  The reader needs to understand and feel what you are feeling at that moment. I've avoided writing/blogging lately.  My own creative thoughts and ideas have not been flowing...darn that writer's block.  I feel like, if there isn't anything interesting going on in real life, then there isn't anything to write about.  As I just told my one is giving me great prompts like they get!! 

In a previous post, I talked about how my head is full of writing ideas, more than most.  Instead of to-do list's and worries, I'm writing fabulous, life altering stories. (OK, maybe not, but you get the idea!) Unfortunately, my head is full of to do lists and worries, and not writing ideas. September is a month that is about adjusting to a life after summer.  More events on the calendar to keep track of, and you all know I stink at keeping track of a calendar!!  I've already double booked myself more times than I can count, including today.   Yet, the month flew by and here we are, October 1st.

Jonas mentioned he couldn't believe it was October already.  He said he remembers it just being New Year's Eve.  The days seem long, but the years fly by, right?  Bailey turns 16 this about years flying by.  He's not driving yet, and hasn't even signed up for his permit.  He's in no hurry to drive.  School and music keep his time filled.  I'm kind of ready for this, as I could certainly use another available driver in our house. 

Although September was not anything to write home about (haha!), there's been plenty of meaningful moments...

Just about every morning we are greeted with this beautiful sunrise, making it worth while to head to school early.

Hanging out at home on the weekends always equals fun family time.

First concert of the school year with Bailey, first chair varsity with a solo.

We had a fun early morning rally at school.  Lorelei isn't thrilled because she doesn't like all the noise.  It was certainly energizing!

Teachers can be really silly after Rally's, especially on an early release day!

Pretty picture day curls.

I've been needing LOTS of coffee this month to keep me going!  This was a Friday night cup, so I could make it through a family movie!!

Apparently in September it's National Daughter's Day.  I jumped on the band wagon and took this pretty picture.

Lorelei pulled "a picnic with mommy" from our grab bag.  She helped out with so many Sunday chores that she got to go to our family grab bag.  She decided on a bedtime, milk and cookies picnic!

I tried super hard to capture the super moon...oh well.

We volunteered to add a new member to the Boyen Bunch...a tiny rescued kitten we named Cali Krissa.  Delilah is adapting pretty well to her. She only wants to eat her sometimes.

Welcome October, hurry up fall weather,  and bring on the pumpkin spice everything!

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