Saturday, August 29, 2015

Survival of the fittest... Back to school through the eyes of a teacher.

Survival.  It's definitely the mode I've been in for the last two weeks.  Purely survival.  Each day was about being as product and prepared as I could be for the new school year, as a both a teacher and a parent.  Now that the first week of school is over, I can happily say we survived with no causalities!  But if I look back at it now, with well rested was actually quite a lot of fun, buried under a lot of stress! Usually, when I go back to work, my photography slacks off a bit.  This time, I made an effort to take lots of pictures and capture a variety of moments throughout the last two weeks.  

My sister Kim, treated to a Girls Night Out concert, featuring Christina Perri and Colbie Caillet.  It was my last summer outing.

Of course we had to also have one last day at the pool on Sunday, before my teacher work week began.

Back at school, working hard on our curriculum mapping..  Mrs. Powell looking so serious!  Nicole looking like this stuff is fun!

Even though I was back to work, it was the kids last week off.  We had to sneak in one more library trip.

New hallway signs...John helped to make them.  He cut and primed the boards.  Amber and Addy did the hard part...making them cute!!  We love them!

Convocation time...

My new 3rd grade team! (Including my student teacher!)

The life of a teacher's child...hanging out at the school way too much!  But Savannah was a fabulous help to not only me, but several other Carson teachers.

All 4 kiddos were at school on Meet the Teacher night.  We took the opportunity to take a picture with their favorite Kinder teacher, Venee Guevara!  Can you believe as many times as we moved around, she had all four Boyen kids?! No other teacher can say that!  :)

Lorelei's teacher is brand new...a first year teacher! (I helped hire her!!)  She so clever, she had a photo booth at Meet the Teacher for parents and kids to take a fun photo!  I loved it!

Friday afternoon we had to squeeze in Savannah's Meet the Teacher Orientation too.  After, we snuck off to get haircuts at our favorite salon, D' Anthony's in Helotes.  Savannah isn't driving, by the way...she did a mirror image of the picture!

We capped off the crazy teacher work week with a Friday night swim, of course!

Bailey had one last Cloud 9 performance too, on Saturday. 

Later that day we headed off to help some friends move.  We left the kids to get their own dinner and finish up some laundry.  Not only did they do all of that and more, they had my yoga stuff out and ready for me when I got home and were waiting in these poses!  Goof balls!

The first day of school arrived and of course included 4 lunch box notes.

Three out of four kids were eager and ready for back to school pictures too.

3rd grade

8th Grade

4th grade
I did snap a picture at the end of the day of Bailey...but he might disown me if I post it!  I promised I wouldn't. 
Lorelei and Miss Thornton!  Cuties!

My class was great this week too.  I think it's going to be a terrific school year!!

Hope your back to school went smoothly too!!

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