Thursday, August 13, 2015

"Ok, that's a wrap...thanks everybody!"

Summer's a wrap, that is.  As the director of this summer production, I am pleased with the final product.  Was it Oscar worthy?  Probably not.  Is it a blockbuster hit?  There's been better.  But it was a satisfying summer, full of plot twists, amazing characters, with an anticlimactic ending.  Oh well...there's always next summer!

Today was my last official day off, only it wasn't really even off.  I went up to school to help interview for a new team member for 3rd grade and work on my room for a bit.  I'm okay with that, even though I gave my administration a hard time about it! :)  The beginning of August always puts me into that back to school mode. I'm ready to go back, so are the kids. 

The last two weeks have been very low key around here (like I said, an anticlimactic ending!).  We did our back to school shopping.  I took all 4 kids and survived!  Boys are so easy by the way, socks were their only request!  Seriously, all they wanted for clothes were new socks.  Savannah spends the whole summer back to school shopping.  Since her birthday is in June, she always asks for clothes and then spends her birthday money hitting the summer sales.  Smart girl!  We found some unbelievable deals for Lorelei at Academy.  Even she was surprised.  "I'm not going to a sports store!", were her exact words as we walked in.  Funny enough, she found the best deals!

Bailey had a cool YOSA event at Brick at the Blue Star last week. It was very hip and a nice change from his usual classical performances.   This week he had orchestra camp all week at O'Connor and he heads off to Mo Ranch tomorrow morning for a YOSA weekend retreat.  He never really had a break from music at all this summer, which is probably best.  It is his future career! 

Savannah has been miss social as usual.  She's always gone somewhere, doing something with friends.  She reminds me so much of myself at her age.  I was always hanging out with friends and doing things.  Now, I'm perfectly content at home...go figure. 

She's on the porch with Delilah here, waiting to be picked up by a friend for one of her many excursions this summer.

Lorelei is showing off her new school outfit from Academy.  $2.98 for the skirt, $4.98 for the shirt!!

Bailey sporting a new haircut before his YOSA performance.

They had an aerialist at the performance, something I've never seen before.  It was a beautiful space.

Our neighbor hosted a party and let the kids play on it the whole next day!  They loved it!

There's always an art project of some sort going on at our house.  Lorelei and Jonas were painting a tea set and got into having afternoon tea!

Of course August means staff development classes.  I loved these statements from Quantum Learning.  It works for us grown ups, just as much as it does for the kiddos.  I think I'll look into the mirror each morning before school and say these 3 statements to myself!


Yesterday's afternoon thunderstorm was perfect for building a little fort.

Hope your summer's end is a beautiful wrap. 

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