Thursday, June 4, 2015

End of the school year exhaustion...

There's no tired like the "end of the year teacher tired".  Yet I'm at the pool with the kiddos because they have more energy than ever!  Must be all the sugar they got at school today.  School's out and I have mixed emotions.  My class was an amazing group of students this, sweet and kind.  The best combination of clever and witty.  I enjoyed them so much I'm not ready to let them go.  Yet I didn't shed a tear today.  A lot of these kids are friends with Jonas, so I know I'll see them plenty.  No reason to be sad, and I'm not like crazy needing a break either.  Looking forward though to as much sleep as I want and no alarm clock waking me up at 5:30!

There's a party at the pool right now.  Lots of excitement and screaming.  The kids here are definitely ready for summer.

Some last day of school photos from the kids...

I barely saw Bailey today...guess I have to get use to that.  He wasn't downstairs yet this morning before I left for school.  John had to take him to play a concert for graduation after school, and by the time I saw him, he had already stripped off multiple pieces of his tux.  No last day of school pictures for him.  

I'm hoping to spend a lot of time writing this summer.  I first have to finish up my roll top desk and create my new writing space.  A sacred space that when I'm in it, everyone will know it's my time and not to disturb my thoughts in action.  Maybe, just maybe by then end of the summer I'll have something more than just a blog.  (Not that there is anything wrong with just blogging!)

Happy first night of summer!

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