Monday, March 9, 2015

Let's get real...

It's rainy again, the time change has thrown us off and half the kids are still sleeping.  Jonas is up with me, playing on the iPad, The View is on in the background and my coffee's already getting cold.  Lulu the dog has been vomiting for two days, on and off, and still having accidents in the house daily.  The fridge needs to be filled, meals need to planned for the week, I fed the kids popcorn for lunch yesterday.  The laundry has barely been started and the house is partially clean.  We crafted with beads yesterday.  Bailey and John got a haircut. I didn't wash last night's dishes yet.  Did I mention it's still raining?  Bailey had a late rehearsal last night, foggy and raining, nearly hit a deer.  Slept till 9:00.  Spring break officially started today.  Let's hope things get a bit more exciting around here than this!

Real life isn't very exciting to write about, so again...I haven't written in a while, even though I promised not to be a stranger.  We haven't really been "busy", that over used word that creates a sense of importance.  No, it's not been busy around here at all.  Just not all that exciting.  Day to day life flies by with a whole lot of nothingness sometimes.  I know not a lot is going on by my camera feed on my phone.  However, there have been a few fun moments...

A field trip to the San Antonio Aquarium.

Shopping with this jeans, t-shirt and Women's shoes!?!?!

Hanging out at Trinity University while Bailey enjoyed a
Master class by Branford Marsalis.

A YOSA performance at the Tobin Center.

Celebrating Nana's birthday at Grimaldi's.

A lazy Saturday with the kids.  Lorelei can play a mean game of Mancala!
She beat me several times!

We did a little drawing that day too...I can still draw, with a little guidance!

Savannah takes after me...making flubber just for fun.

And the most perfect sugar cookies ever!  Savannah made them entirely by herself
from start to finish.  She found the recipe, gathered the ingredients, mixed, rolled and baked them
to perfection!

Signs of spring...I just love the mountain laurel.

Lorelei's first slumber party.

The view from my front porch has been looking like this for a few weeks.  My friends up north are tired of snow...I'm tired of the gray skies and rain.  Remind me of this in the dead heat of summer!
Real life is not always blog worthy material...but it is real.
Happy Spring break friends.  Here's hoping we see the sunshine soon!  

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