Sunday, October 5, 2014

This is my life...

(this blog post was started on my Notepad on my iPhone on Sept.22, 2014)
at least right now.  I really can't complain, I love every crazy moment...Monday morning duty, teach all day, pick up Bailey from an extra viola rehearsal, battle traffic home, squeeze in Lorelei's homework, leave for gymnastics.  It's 7:41 and we haven't even eaten dinner.  Some Monday's I'm lucky and get dinner on the table before gymnastics, not this week.  John promised Dominos would be waiting...he's a good man.
Funny enough, I haven't made much time for writing these days.  All this day to day, leaves little time for my own needs, much less my wants.  I'm OK with that. It's what I signed up for with this thing called Motherhood. I know this time will go quickly and even though most days fly by in a blur, I do try to savor the moments.  It's exactly why I do blog and take as many photographs as my kids will allow.  It gives me a chance to reflect on the moments, that might have sped by in the hurry of the day to day.  Moments, I might have missed or forgotten about can be permanently capture...frozen in time.
Moments like these...

Dropping Bailey off early has it's privileges...Starbucks for breakfast!

And beautiful sunrises...

Even if we are still sleepy most mornings.

Busy with school projects.

Learning to ride the Razor...a little motorized ride-on scooter.

Taking moments like these on Saturdays.  I was shocked to see Bailey sit down to color at the library!

The little things John does for this Ikea hack.  A lantern wired into a hanging fixture with an Edison light bulb!

Homework...she was pouting about spelling words until I pulled out the shaving cream!

Orchestra concerts and my pretty girl.

Heading out to the theater...Saturdays are full of fun!
I'd like to say I'll be better about blogging more often, but the reality is what it is right now...sorry friends, I'm raising happy kids, and that takes a lot of time. :)

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