Thursday, September 11, 2014

Catching my breath...

* This blog post was written on good old fashioned notebook paper and pen in the waiting room of the ambulatory surgical center.

Catching my breath requires a surgery?!?!  Thankfully not mine and not serious either.  Seems like I've been down this path before.  Last year, life was so busy, busy, busy in the fall with school, kid's activities, home projects and keeping up with the day to day. The beginning of this school year has been no different.  I began feeling stressed this week (I don't stress easily) and I realized why...I haven't had anytime for me.  And let's be honest here, when I did have some time for me, I chose sleep over anything else!  I tell you, there is no tired like the back-to-school-I'm-a-mom-and-a-teacher-tired!  It's really my least favorite part of the school year.  I don't mind all the activities, being "mom's taxi", balancing work and home, and I do love my job.  What I really don't like is just how tired I am.  I'm not sure how to find that extra energy I need.

So back to the surgery...last year I remember actually looking "forward" to my own surgery because it meant I had to slow it down and take it easy.  I did (sort of) and enjoyed my down time.  I'm here for John's surgery today.  Although I was stressed earlier this week about the details, getting kids to school, substitute for my class, my student teacher prepped for my absence...I was looking forward to this exact moment.  Sitting here in the waiting room, quiet (kind of), alone (sort of), writing.  Writing is my me time (OK and some Pinterest/Facebook/Instagram time too).  John's surgery is minor, a release of a trigger finger and a tendonitis elbow repair.  He should be in and out, no problems, two week recovery tops.  We just had quality time together, uninterrupted by the kids, t.v. or phones.  There was playful banter after some "loopy" drugs were on board.  I anticipate the possibility of a quiet afternoon, that might include a nap, after we get home.  And now, this bit of me time, writing in a notebook, has somehow miraculously melted away 3 full weeks of stress.  Better than any loopy drug John just got.

That busy chaos called my life, will begin again at 4:00 this afternoon, when all the kids return from school with stories, empty lunch boxes and homework.  I have to be "mom's taxi" again and get Bailey from Latin Club at 5:15.  But for now...I'm going to continue to soak in the pleasure of calm tranquility being provided by all things, an ambulatory surgical center waiting room.

Here are some of those wonderful and crazy moments from the last 3 weeks of back-to-school mayhem.  I apologize for the pictures.  Not my best moments, but when life gets full, my camera roll seems to get empty.  I can't catch my breath long enough to snap a picture!

Dramatic haircuts and a donation to Locks of love.
Savannah and I got new "dos" too.

First day of school

Ready to shop at Ikea Labor Day weekend.

Shopping at Ikea with Daddy.

Moving up a level in gymnastics!

Reading for homework now, instead of pleasure.  Takes some of the fun out of it.

Beautiful evenings, with hopes of cooler weather on the horizon.

Awesome homework by Jonas.

This is pure exhaustion trying to keep up with a 6 days a week, 6:00 a.m. cross country practice.

Ongoing home projects...painting the laundry room finally!

More bedtime reading...
I love writing and how it releases such a good feeling for me.  I'm guessing the feelings I get writing are similar to that which runners get after a good run. But I'll leave the running to Bailey. :)

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