Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Cabin's not just a winter thing.

It's mid-summer, mid-July, mid-week, .  Just four weeks left of summer vacation for me, five weeks left for the kids.  Right around now, I begin to get a bit of summer cabin fever.  My creative juices that started the summer are running dry.  The excitement of free time and no schedule, are now beginning to wear on me a bit.  The idea of waking up whenever, and having nothing major to do, now instills an odd bit of anxiety...or guilt, you might say.  My carefree spirit is slowly being pushed out.  It happens almost every summer around this time, then suddenly August is here and I totally regret this feeling I have right now of wanting something more to do.

 Is this adult boredom!?  The funny thing is, the kids are not experiencing this "fever" at all.  They are content. 

I have the greatest kids, really I know I've said it before, but they are so easy.  Sure, they are fighting a bit, and driving me crazy occasionally, but the words "I'm bored!" have not yet come out of any one's mouth.  They always find something to do and it's not been all t.v. and video games either.  There's been some Minecraft, (OK a lot of Minecraft), but 3 out of 4 of them love it and work together on their server.  They promise me there's lots of thinking and problem solving going on too.  There's been a ton of reading. YEAH!  In fact, this week Jonas and Lorelei completed both the public library and Barnes and Nobles summer reading programs.  We've become regulars at the public library!  There's been a ton of cooking.  Summer does seem to require a lot more food than any other time of year.  The kids have helped find yummy meals to make and they jump right in to help cook.  Sure takes some of the burden away from being the sole person responsible for feeding a family of six!

And then there's the pool.  The pool is my safe, quick easy get away.  Suddenly all anxiety and guilt goes out the window when we are at the pool.  It's the perfect activity that all four kids love.  They are outside, exercising and playing together.  It's summer perfection.  The best part is we have the most amazing neighborhood pool that is a quick 3 minute drive.  It's got a covered patio, plenty of shade and is hardly ever busy.  I'm not sure what I would do without it!

Yesterday at the pool I spent a bit of time writing out my thoughts on my iPhone using OneNote.  I created a Gratitude tab and a Prayers and Intentions tab.  My feelings of anxiety were exceptionally high real reason, just the summer "fever".  It's amazing how powerful writing is to me.  In just a few minutes of putting my thoughts down in words on my phone, I felt almost instant peace.  It's like I reached into my head and just pulled out all the thoughts, good and bad, and completely changed my perspective.  Guess that's why I wanted to start my day today blogging...getting the thoughts out of my head so I can feel peace and change my perspective.

Happy Hump Day!

Breakfast at Starbucks with the girls after some lab work for Savannah.


Looking good!  Final follow up after her surgery.

A meal planned and prepared with Jonas.
Savannah's yummy cooking!

Pooltime...all four kiddos together.

Lorelei has a renewed interest in her Build a Bear...This is Chloe, she's like my 5th child this summer!

My readers!

Yesterday after a rainy afternoon, we had the pool to ourselves!

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