Monday, July 7, 2014

4th of July Ranch style.

4th of July has two meanings in the Boyen house.  Of course, it's our Nations birthday and celebration of freedom, but it's also an important anniversary for us.  I like to think of the 4th as the "unofficial" Boyen Bunch day.  You see, 23 years ago on the 4th of July, John and I met and fell in love, almost at first sight. (Yes it can happen!) Now, I say almost because it took me a couple of nights (two more, to be exact), before I was convinced he was the one.  It was really more of a confidence issue for me than anything...I mean, how could a guy this cute, this sweet, this cool and this old (he was 21 and I was 18), be into little ole me!?  Plus, boys in high school hadn't been all that nice to me, so I had some trust issues.  I'm glad John was persuasive in proving, all guys aren't jerks, and some guys do keep their word.   We had a summer whirlwind romance, that I'm happy to say, is still going strong after 17 years of marriage and 4 great kids!

In the last few years, we been marking this anniversary with special family time.  This year we decided to head to the hill country to my brother-in-law's ranch in Junction. (Thanks Jeff!)  It was just an overnight visit, but great family memories!

Bridge into Junction.

The ranch was actually Savannah's idea. 
She loves this place!

Heading to the creek.

The Boyen Bunch!

Favorite spot at the ranch.

Trying to catch minnows.

Looking pretty near perfect to me!

Brotherly love...

S'mores anyone?


We had a great time driving Delilah crazy with Rocket balloons! 
She loved trying to catch them!

Love finding their selfies on my phone!

Breakfast ranch style...just being silly and in the spirit.

Serious high stakes card game!

I wanna be a cowboy...

Delilah wanted to chase those cows so bad!

Perfect ending...coming home to a rainbow!

Hope everyone had a memorable 4th of July like we did!  :)

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