Monday, June 16, 2014

Keeping it all in perspective...

Summer 2014 with the Boyen Bunch

Quote of the summer so far comes from Lorelei yesterday.  She was in shock to hear Bailey say "God isn't real."  Since 6th grade world history, my super analytical and highly intelligent son, began to question whether God existed.  His questioning came from perfect can all of the other religions be wrong and only Christians are right?  Being a parent who has decided to let my children discover religion for themselves, I haven't pushed the issue with him.  Back to Lorelei, so Bailey again made some comment about God not being real.  Lorelei suddenly seemed to have a very clear perspective of Bailey.  "Mommy," she said, "Now I know why Bailey is always so grouchy!  He doesn't believe in God!  Well, I do!"  And that was the end of that conversation! ;). I think she may be onto something, but it's something Bailey will have to figure out for himself.


Our summer seemed a bit more on the normal side this morning.  Although last week was the official first week of summer, Savannah had her final surgery for her thyroidglossal duct cyst.  Talk about keeping things in perspective...Savannah was, of course not the only child having surgery that day. Two patients I overheard the stories on, were both there for recently diagnosed cancer.  Kids with cancer...those words shouldn't be allowed in the same sentences.  Other children were regulars, who were back again for one thing or another.  Although what Savannah went through wasn't easy, and she was for sure a real trooper, it pales in comparison to what some children and families face.  Her surgery was more major than planned, took 3 hours instead of two, required a three day, two night stay, instead of the simple overnight that was originally planned, but all in all, she's recovering beautifully! 

All smiles before...

Still smiling after!

A little Scrabble to pass the time.

Flowers from her Papa and a balloon from her Daddy.

A visit from a friend on Saturday after she got home.  She brought a quiet craft. :)

We may have to call this, the Summer of Cards.  It's been Savannah choice of activities
since she got home...Square, Trashcan, Go Fish, Skip Bo, Speed and we learned Shanghai too!

Yesterday we celebrated Father's Day with John.  Even though still in recovery mode, Savannah still found a way to make him breakfast!  With just a bit of help from me, she put together a lovely breakfast tray for her daddy!  Sweet girl!

Nice job Savannah!

Although we started our summer vacation with a major surgery and half a week in the hospital, I feel very blessed.  Now that it's over, our summer is truly underway.  Simple, quiet time at home this week in order to prepare for the big birthday trio coming up.  My niece Brieley turns six Friday, Savannah turns 12 Saturday and my sister Kim turns...well, she can share that number, her birthday is on Tuesday.  We'll be busy celebrating for sure!! 

I hope to soak in every bit of sun and fun this summer, because as we all know, it'll be over before we know it!

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