Tuesday, May 13, 2014

May madness and moments...

Never complain about a quiet month...because May came in like a lion!  Forget March and it's "in like a lion" and it's "madness". It's May around here that makes my head spin!

There has been one wonderful moment after another!

This post could have easily been 5-6 separate blog posts but this month has been so full already...ain't nobody got time for that! (as Sweet Brown says!). So I crammed it all in one mid-month post!

Jonas had a Fiesta performance. (4-28)

So handsome...and loving on his baby sister.

Field trip # 1...with Jonas downtown.  A river boat ride and the Alamo. (5-1)

Fiesta float parade at school. (5-2)

Savannah had step one of her two part surgery to remove a congenital cyst
called a Thyroidglossal Duct Cyst.  Part two will be June 11. (5-2)

Someone turned 7! (5-3)

A gymnastic themed party including ribbon sticks!

She loved decorating her own cupcakes!

Field trip #2-to the Witte Museum with Lorelei this time! (5-5)


John's birthday!  We love you! (5-6)

Jonas had an allergic reaction to something we just don't know yet! (5-9)

Poor guy was miserable!

Spoiled on Mother's Day! (5-11)

Personalized plates from John for Mother's Day!

I threw a small tea party for Mother's Day.  It was lovely.

My mom, sister and the kids had a nice lunch.  We are going to make it a new tradition.

Bailey's final YOSA concert...never can get a decent picture! (still 5-11)

Savannah was inducted into NJHS!  (5-13)

Bailey's quintet played for the induction ceremony!

Action shot...

Proud of our girl!
I dated the pictures just to emphasize how crazy the month has been!  There has barely been a day that we haven't had something going on...but, ya'll know I love every minute of it!

We are only in mid May...but I'm counting down (like many), to the lazy days ahead of summer! Remind me of this month when I start complaining "I'm bored" this summer!

May days...are memory making!

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