Saturday, April 5, 2014

It's been quiet around here...

And I'm by no means complaining about it either.  Seems strange though, to have two weeks straight of nothing extra!  No track, orientations, concerts, competitions, no after school extras.  Of course, we still had some of the regular activities, like Lorelei's gymnastics and Bailey's Sunday rehearsals for YOSA...but those two activities are part of the weekly flow.  I've even been able to be extra organized at school and have been getting home by 4:00 each day! Plus the extra hour or so of daylight really makes the day truly seem longer, which means time after dinner outside just relaxing. I love the simplicity of daily routines, with nothing extra thrown in.

My two little readers are ALWAYS reading in the evenings.
You can't really see...but Jonas is sewing a tiny beige felt bag while listening
to Lorelei read, Chicka Chicka Boom Boom. :)

Love that "hey you, don't take my picture!"
We finally broke down and gave into the frequent requests of Savannah's for a phone of her own.  Of course, she was looking out in my best interest ;)...suggesting I get a new iPhone 5S and then she could have my old 4s.  She also agreed to pass down her iPod to the little ones.  In the end we are all pretty happy. We share the Apple ID, so I have good access to what's going on with her phone! :)
After bath cuddles, stealing some time on her newly acquired iPod from Savannah!

Found this selfie of the big kids on the photo stream!
I think it's pretty cool they actually sit together on the bus.

Enjoying outside time after dinner!

As some of my readers know, (those of you have been following since we first moved into this house),we've been painting for awhile and we finally got to painting the master bedroom.  We found a guy last year, who has helped us with the bedrooms.  John finished our master bath and closet last spring, but it was so overwhelming of a job, he just wasn't up to painting again.  We have over the last 3 years, slowly repainted the house...walls, ceilings, trim/woodwork and even doors.  It's been quite the process.  We aren't 100% finished yet either!  Bailey's bedroom and bathroom are up next, to finish up the kids rooms.  The laundry room will be last.  Funny enough, Savannah's room was the first room done, so of course, she's ready to have her bedroom repainted!  She thinks her colors are too babyish now!
Our bedroom had been covered with patches of trial colors since last spring...beiges and blues.  We decided to go with a greenish blue shade to match the sky in the painting over the bed.  It's called Aged Jade by Behr.  It's their premium paint with no primer in it.  The professional we have hired to help with about 4 of the rooms, likes it the best.  He uses no primer, just two coats.  He painted our master in one afternoon!  AWESOME!


I bought this awesome rack at World Market 4 years ago with the intention of painting the walls to match.

Last weekend, Jonas helped me decorate for Easter.  This week we stopped by Target and he really liked the Easter Eggs lights the Dollar Spot had and thought they would look good with what we already did...he was right!  Maybe I've let him watch a bit too much HGTV with me! Ha!


I made that banner 3 years ago via the Internet, pre-Pinterest! 
Here's the link for the banner...

I backed mine with scrapbook paper and printed on glossy photo paper.  I just hole punched versus cutting slits like in the link.  It's held up well!! 

It's a quiet weekend around here too...gray skies make it perfect for just hanging out at home.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend...

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