Thursday, March 13, 2014


... look different to different people.  They come in all shapes and sizes.  To some, accomplishments mean a raise or job promotion, to others, it's quitting smoking or running a mile in a certain time.  To a new mom, it may be actually getting a shower before noon!  I remember those days all too well. Around the Boyen house, there have been many accomplishments, both big and small!

Bailey's track meet.

Losing another tooth!

Making a meal that NO ONE complained about,
and EVERYONE loved!  Now that's an accomplishment!

The Thursday before spring break, was a way over-scheduled day.  Savannah had a doctor's appointment at 2:30, Bailey and Savannah had a concert at 6:00, while Jonas, Lorelei and I had Open House at 6:30.  Thankfully, I have awesome administration, who always put family first.  I was able to see Bailey perform at the concert, and to see Savannah perform 2 out of 3 of her pieces, before sneaking out and heading to Open House 30 minutes late!  I tried so hard to be there for everyone that night.  Unfortunately, because John had to stay with the big kids at the middle school, and I had to be in my classroom for open house,  no one was able to go see Jonas and Lorelei's classrooms, for them to show off their accomplishments.  I was however, thanks to their awesome teachers, able to see their work the next morning.  They were so proud to share!

Showing off her school work with pride!

Jonas and Mr. Kallead!
Bailey probably had the biggest accomplishment of all...he was one of 200 kids accepted into Health Careers High School!  We are so proud of him! 

That same night, John and I attended Nicole's beautiful wedding and had a lovely, adult night out!  We really do love hanging out together as just a couple.  Can you tell how happy we are?!?!  

Accomplishing a date night brings big smiles!
Spring break has been filled with dental appointments, haircuts and just plain old hanging out.
Taking all 4 kiddos and myself to the dentist is definitely an accomplishment!

Jonas hates getting haircuts at the salon,
but this momma is tired of cutting his hair!
He looks like he's enjoying it!

We played our very first game of Monopoly, Cat in the Hat style!
I won...didn't mean to or try to...just happened!
Luckily, my kids are good sports!

It's been kind of quiet and well, pretty lame as far as Spring Breaks go and that's OK with me!

The week is already coming to an end.  Spring break should be two weeks, don't you think!?  Tomorrow we are planning an outdoor park day, with trails and a picnic.  I'm looking forward to a nice day with my kiddos. 

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