Sunday, January 26, 2014

Snow day...Texas style

We've been blessed with two, three day weekends in a row!  Why can't we just move to a 4 day work week all the time?  I would be such a calm and organized mom!  Regardless, I very much appreciate the time we have had the last two weekends.

Friday, schools were closed due to inclement weather.  Basically, there was sleet and ice.  No snow...bummer.  Most of it was melted by noon, but roads were closed all over town.  San Antonio is not equipped to handle icy roads.  We will take what we can get.  :)

I took this picture around noon.
The rest of the tree had melted, but this spot was closest to the house, out of the sun.

It was a super relaxed day around here: sleeping in, p.j.'s past noon, Legos, tea parties and afternoon naps.  We capped off the evening with Chinese take-out from our favorite local place.

Savannah and Jonas worked on a Stop animation Lego
movie all morning.

Sitting directly in front of the fireplace,
trying to stay extra warm.

Savannah held a tea party lunch for Jonas
and Lorelei in her room.  She took care of all details.
It was sweet!

Usually my Sundays are full of laundry, cleaning and grocery shopping, but today I'm a bit more ahead of the game than usual.  Shopping for the week was done yesterday, as was house cleaning.  It was easier to tackle on a Saturday, when I was already well rested from a Friday off! 

Birthday Reflections...

I'm looking forward to this's my birthday Thursday, 41 years young. Check off year 40 as a successful one!  I accomplished some goals, both at home and in the classroom, as a teacher.  I'm most excited, that we were able to finally check off the list, a family vacation out of the state of Texas.  During my 40th year we took not one, but two trips to the Carolinas!  We fell in love with the Charlotte area so much, we are considering moving that direction, maybe in my 41st year. ;) 
I'll keep you posted on that idea. 

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