Sunday, October 13, 2013

Music moves us.

Music has been a part of my life since probably birth.  I know that's the case with my fact sooner with them.  I remember putting headphones around my very pregnant belly for the first time with Bailey.  I blasted Yanni and classical tunes, not knowing whether it would work or not.  I sang to each of my kids as newborns and played music in their nursery every nap time and bedtime. They watched and listened to Baby Einstein videos, DVDs and CDs.  They were exposed!!  No doubt about it.  I have been a musician since the ripe old age of 5, piano and voice were (OK, are!), my specialties.  I got a scholarship for piano, I wrote my Master thesis on the effects of music in the get the picture.  I wanted my children to be moved by music like I am.  John too, was surrounded by music since a very young age...his mother always playing piano, accordion and singing.  And although he didn't master a single instrument, he knows how to appreciate music and he's always tinkered around with the piano, guitar or bass.  Bailey plays violin and viola, tinkers on the piano and wants a ukulele for his birthday.  Savannah started violin this year, sings and also tinkers on the piano.  Jonas isn't quite into playing but loves to listen.  Lorelei has started basic piano lessons from me and is dying to learn more!  Music is definitely in our family.

Last Friday, we headed as a family for the first time to the Symphony.  What a neat experience!

Waiting for it to start.

All dressed up...that was probably Lorelei's favorite part!

Beautiful girl, beautiful theater.

What a gentleman, John sacrificed his sweater for Savannah who was freezing.

He was so curious how they could build and decorate such an amazing theater.

Our balcony view. is soothing!  She was out cold right after intermission!



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