Monday, October 28, 2013

Busy Fall Festivities...

As I mentioned before October is full of events that keep the Boyen Bunch quite busy. We've had something to do every week and every weekend.  From the little ones showing off their art talent, to the big ones showing off their musical talents, there has been lots of reasons to be a proud mama.

My last post, This Moment, shared a precious moment caught on film by a fellow parent, a dad in fact, on the field trip to the pumpkin patch with Lorelei.  A moment literally frozen in time, thankfully.  Here are some more moments captured this month...

First fire of the fall.

A concert at O'Connor for Bailey.

Lorelei's field trip to the pumpkin patch.

Jonas the artist...selected for the local art show.

Lorelei the artist, also selected for the art show.

A quick trip to the pumpkin patch with cousin Brieley.

Savannah's first concert with orchestra.

Bailey's quintet, The Roamin Gladiators.  Like his costume...he's a German boy.

Concerts are exhausting for both Jonas...

And Lorelei!

Birthday traditions continue...the breakfast table all decorated for Bailey's 14th birthday!

Birthday pancakes!

His favorite dinner...sushi!  And that's a moon pie for dessert.

Looking mighty handsome for his YOSA Fall concert.  Also looking a bit like a fancy waiter! ;)

An amazing performance...(Best shot I could get!  I really need a new camera, not just my iPhone!)

May I take your order...:)

I asked him now that he was finished playing for the orchestra if he could please take my order already!

More moments are on their way...Halloween is Thursday and Jonas' 8th birthday is Saturday and he's having a camping themed party that day!  Looking forward to a fun evening celebrating our awesome little guy!

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