Friday, September 20, 2013

September=School haze...I mean days!

I've been swept away by this haze of school days since the Tuesday after Labor Day weekend.  Seriously, each week goes by faster than the one before.  Every time I turn around it's Friday again (who can complain about that right?).  Something happens to time once school starts up...I know it can't possibly be true, but why does time suddenly seem as if it's in fast forward.  Makes me think of one of John's favorite movies Click (mine too), with Adam Sandler.  Days zoom by in the press of a single remote button. The problem in real pause button.  I feel like I can't catch my breath and keep up with this life of mine, flashing before my eyes.  Normally, as many of you know, I try my best to capture my life's moments via camera.  It's the closest thing to a pause button I have, but this month has been such a blur, I've barely taken a photo to catch these moments.  It's really been a great first month back to school, and I really can't complain, I just wish this thing called time would slow down.

Our routines are off to a well organized start.  The kids are working hard on homework, helping with dinner and even packing their own lunches in the evenings.  Our mornings are so much smoother this year than in the past.  It is a bit easier now that only Jonas and Lorelei go to school with me, while Bailey and Savannah catch the bus about 20 minutes after we leave, for middle school.  John's home with them and keeps them company and makes sure they make it to the bus.  After school activities are going strong still.  Gymnastics is every Wednesday for Lorelei.  Jonas goes with us now and I really enjoy my one on one time with him.  Savannah decided to take a break from gymnastics for a bit, so she could adjust to middle school, which is going beautifully for her.  Bailey is enjoying being the big man on campus...Mr. 8th grader.  He's been pretty good to his little sister, the 6th grader.  He's been extra busy with his music lately, playing both the violin and viola this year.  He's playing violin with the school's honor orchestra, but playing viola with a city group called YOSA (Youth Orchestra of San Antonio).  He enjoyed his summer camp so much with YOSA, that he decided to audition and made it into their symphony group with viola.  That now takes up our Sundays...rehearsals are from 1:00-3:30 at UTSA.  Our home is always full of music.  He's been inspiring me to play the piano more too.  He even goes as far as finding me music he likes, that he wants me to learn.  This week I've been working on a beautiful Scott Joplin piece called Bethena.  We heard it last week in the movie, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.  We do love our movies on the weekends...good family bonding.  These moments at home help to make life feel a bit slower...evenings and weekends are certainly precious time.

Some moments I actually was able to pause for...

Friday nights are for catching up on zzzzz's

After school fun at home.

Sunday meals...a great roast in the pressure cooker! 

Projects already!!  Savannah's math project on factorization.

First spelling test=100% success!

Homework and hanging out with me while Lorelei's at gymnastics.
Little gymnast!

My big girl in her middle school PE uniform.

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