Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Labor Day Weekending...

After what seemed like the most exhausting week of the year, the Boyen Bunch welcomed the 3 day weekend with open arms!  It was a great back to school week and everyone seemed to adjust pretty well, we were just really tired.
First day of school pictures!

1st grader
6th grader

2nd grader

8th grader
We had no real plans for the weekend and that was fine with me.  The fun just unfolded on its own.

Barbie started her weekend off by taking a relaxing dip in the pool, in my kitchen sink!

Yes those are dirty dishes next to their pool!

We headed downtown for a fun trip on Saturday afternoon to Ace Mart Restaurant Supply.
We could see the Tower from the parking lot!

Lorelei and Jonas had fun trying on chef coats.
So helpful and sweet!

Chef Jonas

Chef Lorelei!

After we headed to The Point Parks and Eat for some food truck grub.
Playing in the HEAT!!

Isn't she pretty?

Sunday we decided to have a family get together...Papa even joined us for a swim!

Papa's swimming!  The little girls loved it!

Amazingly, we had the whole pool to ourselves for a bit!

Just us!

Selfie at the pool...proof of the author/photographer!

For dinner...John whipped up a fabulous fry fest!  So much yummy, unhealthy food!

Fry John, fry!


Look at that awesome smile!

Nana had fun too!

And although, nothing exciting happened on Monday, (the little ones and I ran errands with Nana, while the big kids did homework), it sure was nice to have that extra day!  

It's Hump day today and I'm already looking forward to the weekend...even if it's only 2 days! ;)

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