Thursday, August 15, 2013

This week...

...has been full of last minute appointments, regularly scheduled lessons and some back to school prep. I have not done any back to school shopping yet, I am avoiding it like the plague!  I guess because then I'd have to really admit school is starting soon.  I keep getting asked if we are excited for school to start...sadly none of us are.  Well, at least excited isn't the word I would use...looking forward is even a bit too strong.  In general we all love school, I know I certainly do love teaching and am looking forward to teaching 3rd again.  I think what we don't look forward to is the balancing act that going back to school causes.  It seems somehow, when school starts it is like life suddenly moves to fast forward.  Days and weeks fly by...summer is slow, and leisure.  But so it goes, I start back tomorrow (with a leadership day) and Monday starts the teacher work week, which is the kids last week off.  They don't even really get to enjoy it, since I'm at school all week!  Next Thursday already scares me scheduling wise, orientation, auditions, meet the teacher...b-r-e-a-t-h-e.

I know that I am grateful once again for another amazing summer with my loves.

Summer reading...

Reading/playing with some busy books while waiting for Bailey to finish his violin lesson.

John's latest project...a sidewalk between the driveway and back porch.

Lorelei, Savannah and I got haircuts! 

Savannah had a lump develop in her neck about a month ago, 2 doctors, 1 ultrasound, blood work and now a CT.  We still don't know what it is!  She's been a good sport about it.

Finished with their dentist visits...waiting on the little ones! 

Jonas was so was great to see him relax and smile.

Lorelei looking cool in her shades!

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