Sunday, July 14, 2013

Summer reflections...

I've thought about blogging daily.  Seriously...everyday I compose a post in my mind.  I promise myself that, "today I'm actually going to write it out on the blog and not just mentally in my head!" But then, the day goes on, our adventures, and routines, and practices, and camps happen, and living life becomes more important than recording life.

Social networks like Facebook and Instagram almost remove the need to blog for memory keeping sake. That was sort of my original intent with blogging...a  journal with photos of my extraordinary life.  I can quickly add moments in photos and words, to FB and the like.  Blogging requires more thought, insightfulness, and reflection.  Something I'm not always mentally up for. You see for me, writing is like opening a window into my heart and spirit.  I'm not always as happy or together as FB and Instagram show.  Those moments are small parts of the big picture.  Don't get me wrong, my life is really quite fabulous, but certainly not perfect.  Writing in my blog means I have to be in a certain frame of mind...and lately I just haven't been there.  I felt my blog, although pretty good in my mind, wasn't exactly going in the direction I had hoped.  It hasn't always been insightful and reflective.

Tonight, at this moment I was inspired to write.  This evening is nearly perfect (amazing weather for July in Texas!).  I'm sitting on my favorite quilt in our wonderful neighborhood park.  The kids have been begging to come.  Last night they held a movie at the park here.  It was simple and wonderful. A great summer memory.  They wanted to come back tonight to play.  So I blew off cooking dinner, grabbed the blanket, a ball, some drinks and snacks, and headed here.  We have the whole place to ourselves.  I played for a while with kids... at the putting green and a bit of sand volleyball.  Now they are content just being goofy, hanging out, playing basketball (with a volleyball!) and enjoying each other's company.  Everyone getting along and playing together, while I write on my quilt, in the cool breeze, watching the sun go down on another summer's day.
Here are some moments from Saturday night's movie night and from tonight.

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