Sunday, April 28, 2013

Catching up...Part Two, Spring with the Boyen Bunch.

The month of March and April were packed full of activities!  We were happy to finally see some warmer temperatures, sun, green grass and blooming flowers! 

Around here there was...

~Warm...OK hot afternoons!

~A field trip with Jonas to Enchanted Springs Ranch.

Woodrow, the Longhorn

Cowboy Jonas!
 ~UIL competitions for Bailey.

Handsome fellow in his tux!
 ~A weekend trip to the zoo with friends.

AJ came along to keep Bailey company.

All the kiddos.
Amber Brown and the girls, Avery and Parker invited us!

Jonas loves animals!

Train ride after the zoo.

Hot and happy!

A bunny hopped the train!
 ~There were Easter preparations!
Dying eggs!


Easter morning.

Jonas is happy!

My little bunch in their Easter best.


Bring on the food!

Ready to hunt eggs!

Any up there?

Check out her loot!

Bailey armed with cascarones!

Awww...he sat down so she could get him!


The whole gang!

  My pretty girls.

Cheese mommy...I'll take your picture!

~There was a great birthday party we went to at the Highland Games.


Happy birthday Adyson!

~Bailey had a district track meet.  He did great, even if he didn't place.
Watching Bailey run.

Go Bailey!
 ~While our car was in the shop, (repairing the issue from Spring Break),  we had to borrow John's.  Savannah became their human pillow on the ride home from school.  The little ones are always so tired after school.

~Lorelei had a field trip to Fiesta Farms.

A miniature cow.


Petting the sheep.
 ~The girls and I ran/walked in the NEF 5 k.

 ~We have been spending plenty of time outside.  The kids brought me flowers from the yard.

Wildflowers and roses from our yard.

Fun at home on the porch swing.

~Camp Fun provided by Savannah.  She was helping keep the little ones entertained while John, Bailey and I were doing major yard work.

Shaving cream!
 ~Mulch, mulch, mulch...I walked funny for a week from all the squatting required!

See the pallets of mulch still on the driveway and in the yard!?

This bed is HUGE!
 ~Bailey's reward for helping with yard work...A new college spirit shirt!  Dream big hard!

~Another 5k...for my mom's organization, Alamo Area Parkinson's Disease Association.  Bailey placed 2nd in his age group!

Tired but pleased.

It's neat to see it in print!
~We are also still very much into re-modeling around here as well.  John is painting as usual.  But an end is in sight. We are all looking forward to that!

Whew!  What a fun-filled, exhausting, wonderful two months!  Tiring, exciting memories, always being made around here.

Looking ahead, this week is Lorelei's 6th birthday.  Amazing.  It just seems miraculous that she is a healthy strong girl.  I've never written about her struggles with health and her rocky first 4 years...maybe soon.  But I can say, those of us who were there, who stood by us, know just how far she has come!  I'm looking forward to her birthday party too...a Rainbow art party! 
My soon to be 6 year old!
 And not that we are counting, (OK we are!), but there are only 28 days till summer vacation!!!  Now that's something to look forward too!

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