Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Missing something?

Honestly, in my imperfect life, not a day goes by that I don't forget something. I try to be an organized, working mom, with well established routines and I do, to some degree. I've never been great at keeping up with a calendar or planner. I have bought all styles, from a pretty Vera Bradley to a wonderful leather one. I keep up for a week or two but then...nada, blank pages stay blank. I find for me, the only calendar I do any good at, is my dry erase, magnetic one in the kitchen. Even then, I am finding with our recent addition of track for Bailey and gymnastics for the girls, it's just not detailed enough. My principal gave me a lovely suggestion of putting not only the event, but who was picking up/dropping off and what was planned for dinner that night. It sounds like a great plan...but would I stick to it? It would have been handy on Monday when both John and my mom went to pick up Bailey from track. The confusion caused a bit of commotion that could have been avoided.

If keeping up with schedules isn't enough, keeping track of picture money, violin lesson payments, homework, reading logs, and countless other forms times four. Yet, I haven't found a system that really works. I have a hanging pocket file in the kitchen, with a pocket for each kid, yet it isn't the perfect solution. It never fails that I forget something! What is comical about it is I am a incredibly organized teacher, with all kinds of systems that work in the classroom!

There are some routines that do work well at our house. Each night the kids put out there clothes for the next day. If a reading folder is due that gets put on top of the clothes. Funny thing was this morning, in the hustle and bustle of getting ready for picture day on my DUTY day, resulted in Lorelei's reading folder being misplaced. I had to apologize to her lovely teacher and tell her I know I had it, but have no idea where I put it down!!?? (Lucky for me, she is on the 4th Boyen kid and she knows life at our house is a bit messy.). I found the folder tonight...

Notice the rollers...I guess I must have put the folder down when taking the rollers out of the girls hair for picture day!

Looking mighty cute for pictures.  Lorelei's little dress in 35 years old!  It was my dress when I was her age...I wore it for my 1st grade pictures!

Talent Show Tuesday night threw off our normal routine, but it was an awesome show and Savannah and her group rocked! Literally!

Today, I also forgot to put drinks in the little ones lunch boxes! I swear it is always something! I am far from perfect and do my best to shake it off and go with the flow. Knowing, sometimes my best may still be imperfect! And in the big picture, all 4 kids made it through the day safely, soundly, even if they were a bit thirsty! ;)

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