Saturday, February 9, 2013

Living life

I just had an "A ha" moment. I follow a lot of blogs and they frequently talk about living in the moment, savoring the days, capturing life's little and big moments. But tonight as I spent 2 1/2 hours on various projects and homework, I neglected other things like making dinner. This weekend was amazing, filled with hockey games, a birthday party and an impromptu trip to Ikea, but because of these moments, reality of life was neglected...meaning projects that should have been worked on, laundry that should have been finished and cleaning and organizing that should have been done. So my "A ha" can't live life, while living life! In other words something has to give. I can't get the day to day things done and go to hockey games. It's not a balancing act, there is no multitasking...again, something has to give. Maybe it's just me, maybe these other blogging mom's can do it all, I can't, even with the help of the kids and my  hubby John.

Funny enough 5 days later I am just now finishing this blog post....

Point made....I never got caught up this week from last weekend. I felt like I was barely keeping my head above water all week! I am just now finding the time to finish this blog post that I started Monday night! Some weeks are just like that and I don't know why.

Last weekend looked like this...

Carson's choir performed at the Rampage game.  Savannah's in choir and I'm the assistant director.

With some friends, Alysia and Maleah!

Pink on the Rink...for Breast Cancer.

Saturday, Lorelei felt terrible (allergies)...she napped so hard she left a hand print on her face!

Savannah threw me a Fiesta Forty birthday party!  She did a great job.  My mom "catered" it!

Savannah and her friend Mia made both cake and cupcakes!

Savannah. Mia and Ashton. 

Blowing out 40 candles was hard work!
Thanks to my friends who made it to my birthday apologies to those of you who were not invited...take it up with the host, Savannah!!!  She was totally in charge of the whole thing, including the guest list!!

Sunday we made an impromptu trip to Ikea!!  I LOVE that place!!  Bailey had too much homework so he didn't join us. 

Lorelei still wasn't feeling 100% so she chilled in the cart!

Exploring the kid's section.

Playing pretend in one of the great kitchen set ups!
The week brought some big moments...

The 100th day of school and the famous kinder parade!

Jonas waiting to watch the parade.

Thursday's gymnastics!
This weekend has been quieter.  I actually had time today to put away all the cool things I bought at Ikea and to build the neat step stool I got for the kitchen!  I took the kids (and Maleah, Savannah's friend) to our favorite sushi restaurant Sapporo's tonight for dinner.  They were so goofy, giggling the whole time.  They even managed to get Bailey to smile and have a good time!! 

Tomorrow I'm hoping to finish up the laundry, meal plan, grocery shop and get ahead of the game.  Hard to believe it's about to be Valentine's Day.  I've got to help the kiddos get their Valentine's boxes and cards done.  I hope to find something cute to help make their Valentine's special. 
Alright, gotta go live life...the girls have made up a dance/gymnastic routine that needs my attention!! And somebody wanted some dessert.  Cookies anyone?

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