Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas reflections and a fond farewell 2012...

It's been a restful Christmas break. Honestly, I've been pretty lazy, staying in my p.j's watching too many movies. I spent the first few days of break making the final preparations for Christmas. It was a simple Christmas, but I have to say, kind of a let down. I know, I know... how horrible of me to say. Maybe it's because the kids are getting bigger, (I do miss having a baby around), maybe it's too much commercialism and all the hype before hand. I often have a hard time managing my own expectations. I think I'm going to do all these wonderful things I find on Pinterest and the many blogs I follow, but then I never get around to it. My own fault, trying to live up to the "supermom" of Pinterest idea. The fact is, I am a working mom and I am tired! As much as I wanted to create the hand print Christmas tree on canvas of my kids...well, I just didn't get around to it. I did get some crafting or elfing ;) done with the kids for their teachers and my fellow teachers and I felt happy about that. Here's a sample of our projects:
Homemade trivets and wrapping paper by Jonas!

Lorelei's Ornament for her teacher.  That's a penguin!
Jonas' complete package!

Peppermint Sugar scrub from Pinterest for my fellow teachers!

My little elves working...notice the Coca Cola cup?  That's Savannah candy bar bouquet for her teacher Mr. Smith.
One of my favorite things we did was to get an early Christmas present for the boys.  Bailey really wanted a violin (even though he plays viola).  He says all the best music is written for violin and he knows he can do even more with it than the viola.  So we found a violin teacher on Craigslist that works for the district as well who has multiple violins to choose from.  We went as a family and two and a half hours later (boy could that guy talk!), we walked out with not one, but two violins!  Bailey decided he wanted to teach Jonas and Jonas was ready to learn, so he got one too!  Jonas even contributed $70.00 of his own money!  What better gift than the gift of music!  (He's playing right now, as I am writing!)

The boys on Christmas day!
Another of my favorite things this holiday season was the visit we got from an elf named Finland!!  He was sooo much fun...we were very sad to see him go.  He left a wonderful last gift...a basket (well a laundry basket) full of new jammies and Christmas movies!  How sweet of him!  The kids loved finding that on Christmas Eve morning.

Christmas Eve brought about many of our usual family traditions...Christmas Eve Children's mass at St. Francis, a huge spread of yummy foods at Nana's and Papa's, and a little visit from Santa!
Savannah and I getting ready for church.

My 3 littles at church in front of the nativity.

Check out that spread!!  And my sister and Brieley sneaking a bite!


Me and my girl!

Well hello there Santa!

John and his girl!

Jonas' amazing drawing from church!


 After Nana's and Papa's, we headed home to take on the last minute job of prepping for Santa.  The little ones headed straight off to bed (and John too!), so sweet Savannah helped wrap most of the presents and I was finished and ready for Santa by midnight!
The finished product ready for Santa's part!
Christmas morning was simple and sweet this year...everyone was up and ready for a change by 8:30!!  The last two years went on without Lorelei because she slept in.  This year she woke up ready to go!
My early risers, organizing gifts!

Ready to start opening!

Hanging back, but still enjoying it all!


With their Sophie and Lili dolls!
We cleaned up the mess and had our traditional breakfast of cinnamon rolls and bacon!  We had my family coming over around 2:00 for Round two of Christmas presents!
More presents!
After Jeff, Kim and Brieley left we had a quiet afternoon and evening...there was napping and a yummy dinner!
Nap time!

Christmas dinner.
It was a lovely day looking back.  I think the days that follow can be tough...coming down from the Christmas high.  Especially since our weather has been terrible, cold, grey and drizzly.  I think I'd rather it snow!!  OK, I know I rather it snow!

The Thursday after Christmas the girls redeemed their present from Santa...their first gymnastics class.  They both did great and loved it.  Lorelei cried at first, but then she joined in and had a fun time and made a few friends.  Savannah did so well they are talking about moving her to a more advanced group already!

And Friday brought mine and John's 16th wedding anniversary.  We didn't really celebrate unless you call frito pie and brownies for dessert celebrating.  Then we watched a Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris. 

I've been feeling a bit sad that another year has so rapidly come to an end.  Last night I took the kids on a car ride to look at the last bit of lights.  We each picked some of our favorite moments and biggest accomplishments of the year.  It was so nice to reflect with them. 

Tonight we have our friend Holly over and her 3 kids, Chloe, Evie and Wyatt, who all get along wonderfully with my kiddos! We made another nice dinner and are going to talk and watch movies and bring in the new year, family style!

To all my friends and readers...Happy New Year!  Here's to one fabulous 2013!

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