Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Spring Happened...

And I never wrote a single blog to document it!!  I really need to make this blog writing more of a habit.  But if you will bear with me and don't mind a long post...I'll catch you up!
Let's start!
~Spring break...We did a variety of things, like breakfast out, park trips, firestation visits, two Texas hill country adventures (Boerne and Fredricksburg) and of course just resting!

All collages were made with a great iPhone app called Pic Collage!
~Spring field trips- Both Jonas and Lorelei had field trips to Fiesta Farms.  I took off both days to spend with them at the farm.  They both loved it!  My 1st graders had a field trip Enchanted Springs Ranch in Boerne!  It was great!

~I never posted any Easter photos so here's a few pictures. It was a lovely day. Church at St.Francis and lunch at Nana's and Papa's with an Easter Egg hunt of course!

~We took two camping trips this spring, both very different.  The first collage was of our trip to Concan, Texas to Riverbend campground on the Frio River.  It was rustic and beautiful.  We camped in a tent!  We loved every minute of it.  Our second trip was to Jellystone at Canyon Lake.  Definitely more commercial.  We stayed in a cabin because it rained all week and there was suppose to be a thunderstorm the first night we were there (and there was!).  It was Mother's Day weekend.  We did have a very nice time, but preferred camping in the tent at the more rustic and natural setting of Riverbend.
Riverbend in Concan, Tx on the Frio River.

Jellystone at Canyon Lake.

~We had lots of school events like: Orchestra concerts for Bailey (1st chair viola!), choir performances for Savannah, Tea Parties and pre-school graduation for Lorelei, A kindergarten program for Jonas and even a neat Poetry hour with my 1st graders!
~Then of course we can't forget the every day moments like train rides at Breckenridge, pretend play at home, swimming, back porch swinging, and those precious sleeping moments I can't get enough of!

It was a fun, memory filled Spring!  Summer is in full swing now.  And I hope to keep the blog going with more updates and events from the Boyen Bunch!!

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