Sunday, April 29, 2012

Sunday sweetness...

So, Sundays often are full of busy and not of the rest they are suppose to proved to be no different. Most of our day was spent outside working on the back patio. Actually at this moment I am swinging on our new porch swing, listening to our new wind chimes and feeling the cool spring breeze.

The evening brought about dinner, followed by loads of laundry. Before baths... Haircuts times 5!!! (John included on that one). In haste, I left the kitchen dishes to be done after I got the littlest ones to bed. Normally I lay with them for a bit (more for me than them!). Tonight, I told Jonas and Lorelei I would be right back, I was going to do the kitchen super fast. When I finished, I returned to find my two sweeties asleep and holding hands. What wonderful way to end my busy, full day!

 Happy Sunday...this week is sure to bring big things.  My sweet baby turns 5 on Thursday, May 3.  So bittersweet...Birthdy post to come.  Plus I owe you all a Look back at our fabulous Spring!  We've done so much and I need to share all the wonderful things the Boyen Bunch have been up to!

This was a light laundry one load is still in the dryer! Notice haircutting kit on the table!
The girls spent most of the afternoon on the porch!



  1. I thought the pic on the porch was sweet and then... BLAMMO... the last pic... soooo sweet!!

    1. Thanks so much! Although I've been blogging for a year, I'm still finding my way and finding time! I love and appreciate any feedback I get! So exciting to know people are reading...even more exciting to get a comment!! Again...a big thanks! I hope to really get going this summer with blogging...only 8 days of school left for all of us Boyens!