Monday, April 2, 2012

Can I be blunt?

I suck at this!  Blogging I mean...mothering, teaching, homemaking, cooking...not so bad, but blogging, well, I suck.  Would you believe it if I told you I have mentally written multiple new posts this month? I actually feel guilty about not writing posts.   As Bailey would say, "epic fail" (gotta love middle schoolers!).  You all can't read my mind can you? Shucks! That would be so much easier.  I guess I have got to find the time to sit and write and update you all, on the very exciting life of the Boyens! 

I have many wonderful pictures and moments to share.  Post titles might be..."Spring break fun!", "Major family accomplishments..." and a post sure to come "Camping..a Boyen Family First." 

Want to know another thing I suck at...bedtime.  Yea, definitely no good at getting my kids in bed on time.  I get distracted by things like...well blogging!  So off I go, must finish putting these darlings of mine to bed!

Until we meet again, and hopefully it won't be long. ;) I have so much to share.

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  1. Hey we are soul sisters sistah. I haven't written a blog entry since uhmmmm November? I too have plenty of ideas and lots say but darn if life just doesn't get in the way. And bedtime? Oy, I'm queen of the sucktude. My boys run me ragged at bedtime, stalling as all good kiddos do but then they just wo.t go to sleep. They climb out of beds, have parties in the room, cry out for me....I'm torn between bein.f the patient vs loving vs nurturing vs crazy mean mommy vs the I give up, guess we'll all be up til the wee hours mommy.
    You do so much! You dont suck at this at all. You inspire me, so you've got that going for you.