Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Now that was fun...

To quote my Jonas..." Who needs fun, when there's FUN!"  Family fun at the Boyen house includes flash light blinding sessions, tickle fights, chair tipping...and spit ball wars!! Include lots of screaming and laughter, with a touch of crazy dog chasing after all of it and you have some after dinner entertainment at the our house.  With several "Please more time?"  "Daddy, do that thing?" And me having a good old towel fight or tug of war with Bailey, who's now 3 inches taller! I think Bailey just said "This is better than Laser Tag!!",  "Was that an Orbeez you just shot at my eye with a sling shot????"   "OMG he's coming!" 

Who needs electronics and t.v. with this good ole wholesome fun! Someone is always in tears...that turn to laughter!  I love these times... Moments to remember!  

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