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Oh where, Oh where did October go...

Oh where, oh where can it be????

No excuses...none at all.  Except life.  It got in the way of having time to blog.  Oh, don't get me wrong,  I must have had at least a dozen creative ideas to write about, and a minimum of 3 failed attempts at composing a new entry.  But it all just got away from me.  October is a month I look forward to, but have to's a scary month.  Not because of Halloween...but because of the agenda included for work, home and kids.

At work, the month was filled with parent/teacher conferences.  19 students and 3 for my own kids...that's a lot of talk about school!  There were report cards, data entry and the glorious apple, followed by pumpkin  literacy units.  I wasn't getting home till 6:00 every night!  Exhausting.

Now for home...there was painting going on....OK painting is STILL going on (especially since I decided I want to repaint the half finished kitchen from yellow to a reddish color).  Add the regular chores of constant laundry and never ending house cleaning and of course decorating for fall.  Keeping a home is definitely a full time job and well...I already have two other full time jobs, called Teacher and Mommy.

On the kid front, always entertaining keeping up with their schedules!

Bailey had an Orchestra concert and his 12th birthday.  I convinced him to just have 3 friends for a sleepover.  There was Wingstop, pumpkin pie and homemade donuts.  He was happy, I was happy. 

Of course, there were 3 field trips, in the same 2 weeks... for Lorelei to the pumpkin patch, Jonas to the pumpkin patch, as well and Savannah to Sea World (this one I took the day off for!).  Fun times for them. 

Halloween provided a Hayride trick or treating night, out at Jeff and Titi's (my sister and BIL). Then we trick or treated again in Nana's neighborhood.  We have 3 gallons of candy!! 

Jonas had a birthday in there too!  He chose dinner at Cheesy Jane's with family on the Sunday before and a simple dinner of pigs in a blanket, baked beans and corn on Nov. 2, his actual birthday.  He was thrilled with the monkey cupcake Nana brought him that day.

The girls welcomed November by getting sick.  Savannah got croup with a massive ear infection and Lorelei got bronchitis which required breathing treatments (still going).

Bailey enjoyed his first hunting trip with his dad and Uncle Jeff at the ranch, opening weekend of this hunting season. 

So now... I feel like I can breathe a bit easier.  My gratefulness for this glorious, busy life of mine, begins as we make our way closer to Thanksgiving.  We get a week off...a week to catch up on sleep and snuggles, movies, crafts, games, reading for pleasure and just being a family.  I am THANKFUL for this week.  Until then, here are some photos to help recap the month.

Scary October

Finished Dining room.

Pumpkin exploring.

Jonas at the pumpkin patch.

Sea World.

Bailey turns 12!

Homemade donuts for Bailey's birthday.

Ready for Hayride Trick or was cold!

Trick or treating with Nana the witch!

Jonas turns 6!

Homemade from scratch puppy cake!

Brotherly love...Jonas reading to Lorelei during her breathing treatment.  So sweet!


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