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So I have a YOUNG co-worker (OK, she's young to me...ten years younger, single, childless).  She is a delightful, optimistic young lady.  A fellow first grade teacher.  I love her!  She has some fabulous moms that volunteer and do it ALL!  She is constantly bragging about's just terrific that she already notices how much these women do everyday!!  So...Amber this post is for you!

I think I must have met my "supermom" status today.  Here's the breakdown:

5:15 a.m.: Alarm goes off. About 5 hours of sleep.  Had to wait up for the last load of laundry so Savannah could have an outfit that she wore yesterday, clean and fresh to wear again today.  Only then to remember it was Freedom week at school and she really needed to wear red, white and blue.

6:00 a.m.: Bathed, dressed (in red, white and blue) and ready to pack the lunches.  Been participating in "The Lunchbox Challenge" a la  Five lovely lunches packed all before 6:20. 

6:30 a.m.:  Breakfast of waffles with strawberry cream cheese and milk ready for 4 kids (one to go since my Lorelei sleeps till the very last minute!).

*Side note*  Did I mention that I have had a TERRIBLE stomach ache since 10:30 Sunday night...gut wrenching sporadic pain!

6:45 a.m.:  Out the door with 3 kids, kiss goodbye the Middle Schooler (Bailey) cause thank goodness Daddy gets him to school this year! 

7:05 a.m.:  On morning duty in the 1st grade hall...welcomed by the world's largest cockroach that sent all of us screaming like a bunch of girls!!  (Oh...we were a bunch of girls, minus my son Jonas...who thought it was cool!)

7:35: Kissed my own kiddos goodbye (Lorelei still cries every morning at drop off...even if it's in the same building only classrooms away).

7:40:  Switch roles of supermom to 1st grade teacher!!  A day full of fun TPRI (reading)  testing!  YEAH!

*Side note*  Still have a stomach ache....keep on going!

3:00: Switch roles back to supermom.  Pick up, pack up and head out to pick up Middle Schooler from said school. 

4:00:  HOME!!!  Hubby painting away...YES STILL...unpack lunchboxes, snack (brown bag microwave popcorn ) start homework.  Kinder first (Jonas is the easiest!  Read story, logged it and did handwriting page).  Then Savannah...reading and spelling with vocabulary and Bailey MATH!!  Algebra! YIKES!  But we got it.  Throw in a phone call to Pediatrician for Jonas asthma issues and called in Lorelei prescriptions to CVS.

6:00: Homework finished...start dinner and a treat for tomorrow lunches...homemade banana chips (thin sliced, drizzle with lemon juice bake at 200 degrees for 2 hours).  Dinner consisted of turkey burgers, oven fries and raw veggies with dip...served on paper plates! (Does that demote my supermom status?  Oh well).

7:30:  Clean kitchen, finish banana chips. 

8:00:  Bath time...Viola practice for Bailey.  Ready for bedtime...books are already read so I cheat a bit here and let the little ones watch a quiet show before lights out...think Nick Jr.

9:00:  Well, if I would stop typing this blog, I could finish the rest of my evening, which includes but is NOT limited to:  grading papers, giving my husband a haircut ( he's made a 10:00 p.m. appointment with me!) and MAYBE doing some reading or watch a little DIY network.  Nah...I'll probably just crash right to sleep.

*Side note*  Stomach ache finally cured by a simple beer.  I think it's the least it sounds good!  :)

Until next time, this supermom is signing off.  But first I must ask Amber...Do you think I am a supermom too??  Please say yes...I so aspire to be part of the club!

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