Monday, September 12, 2011

Supermom addendum...

I thought about this a bit and should have added it to the last post.  A BIG clarification on the "supermom" status. 

In my eyes a supermom is far from's not about perfection, as much as it is about the effort put behind every action we take as mothers.  In all of the activities of the day I must clarify this...

1.  I made mistakes.  But I don't dwell on them and beat myself up...I learn from them and go with the flow.

2.  I yelled at my children.  Not a mean yell...I'm just loud.  I blame it on years in theater and being a classroom teacher.

3.  I cursed. home, not at school.  It really does relieve stress.  I'm not saying it is is a bad example, a moment of being a terrible role model.  But I am human (so maybe not such a supermom after all?)

4. I lost my patience, at least once (OK, probably more than once).

5.  It's not all rose colored glasses over here.  My kids fight, don't listen, make messes, dance in the kitchen at dinner time instead of eating, name call and just overall...act like kids should.  But, at the end of the day (literally), they love each other and are thankful and appreciative of me and show me in so many ways that they love their momma!

If loving my kids and hubby with every ounce of my being makes me a supermom...then each and everyone of us certainly qualifies!

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