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Mother's Day 2011

Awoke this morning around 5:15 because sweet Jonas had a nightmare.  He climbs in bed tucked in the middle between John and I.  It's been a short night, Lorelei took a nap too late 5-7 p.m. and therefore was up till 1:00 a.m. YIKES!  About 5 minutes after Jonas patters into our room and bed, Lorelei follows her sleeping buddy.  She must have sensed he left their fancy, currently shared, sleeping spot on the playroom floor, on pallets of blankets and pillows.  With little room to spare, she climbs in as well.  For whatever reason she likes to sleep with her legs, draped over my chest.  I now have about 5 inches of sleeping space and the cute legs and sweet toes of Lorelei in my face. 

Savannah in her excitement to make my Mother's Day special, wakes up John to help her make me a cup of coffee.  It's now 8:15.  Still very tired and wanting more sleep,  and since Lorelei's still sound asleep with her legs and toes still over my chest and in my face!  Coffee although lovely, is impossible to drink, for if I move, Lorelei will wake up and be incredibly cranky from lack of sleep.  I thank Savannah and John helps her put it on a high dresser to avoid our oversized puppy Delilah from drinking or spilling it!  Jonas is now awake and leaves with Savannah.  They head to the dining room where there are supplies out make cards for Nana.

A mere 5, maybe ten minutes have past and I drifted back into sleep with toes up my nose still.  Jonas and Savannah are having an argument over the color aquamarine.  No, I'm not kidding!?  Jonas said his marker was aquamarine and Savannah insisted her's was.  This argument went on for about 20 minutes, included a google search and quite a few tears from both parties involved.  Comical, riduculous and such a part of our everyday life...who cares that it's Mother's Day, right!?  Lorelei has now shifted her position into a normal position and removed her toes from my nose! YEAH!

I sneak out from bed, still tired, head to the bathroom and almost instantly hear Lorelei's scream.  She of course, woke instantly upon my leaving the bed, tried to follow and hurt her leg on the nightstand getting out of our giant bed.  I get her re-situated on the couch with strawberry milk and Nick Jr.  Off to reheat my coffee, sit in my mommy chair (the old glider used to rock everyone of my babies, now sits in my family room, in my special corner) and check in on FB, e-mail and blogs I like, while sipping my coffee.
The kids have brought me a variety of homemade presents and cards, including a cute ruler that says "Moms RULE"! from Savannah and a $2.00 bill with a heart pencil from Bailey. He made me swear not to give it back!!  :)
John, by the way, slept through all of this, snoring!  I think I hear the shower now.  The kids want him to make me his famous German pancakes for breakfast!!  Yummy.

Happy Mother's Day!


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