Friday, April 8, 2011

Chaos or Peace...somewhere in between...

Since 3:00, when my job as a teacher ended and my tougher job as a mommy began, I have...
Dropped kids off at my mom's for a short while.
Ran home (3 miles thank goodness) to meet with John and a contractor about a flagstone patio at our new home.
Back to my mom's house to get the kids (thank goodness again, my mom "Nana" gave me the wonderful present of at least bathing the 3 younger ones!).
To Sonic to get the kid's and myself something to eat (hubby called and declared he fed himself, you feed the rest!).
Home to eat, in chaos, noise and kids more concerned with swapping Sonic toys, than actually eating.
Attempted to sit and read a book after dinner (The Happiest joke!), barely through the Forward when bombarded by a tirade of questions about one thing or another.
Screams heard from upstairs as Bailey declares Lorelei has peed her pants and his floor!  (Darling hubby decides this one, he'll handle).
Peace...quiet, for a mere moment, moving onto the Introduction of the book, when I hear a odd trickling noise coming from the large amounts of fluid dropping on the floor.  Peace is gone as our "puppy" a 55 pound 6 month old matiff mix, scurries away from the table...and now a blue puddle of Sonic Ocean Water (Jonas and Lorelei's favorite drink, glow in the dark blue!) lay on the floor like a pool.  Hubby again declares he's got it, as he sits with his feet up in the recliner watching t.v. with no sense of urgency to clean up bright blue liquid from the floor.
Floor cleaned under the screams and running feet of the 4 kids having a battle upstairs.  Savannah yells down that Jonas has gotten water everywhere cause he is shooting Bailey with a water gun. 
Peacefully, calmly I go upstairs to pull it together for bedtime.  Lorelei refuses her p.j.'s, telling her beloved mommy "no, no, no", throwing a tantrum, pulling it together, wiping her tears and hugs and "I'm sorry".
It would have been really amusing if I could have recorded the continued chaos in the background, while I was writing this blog...Lorelei cried at least 4 times, and the name "mommy" was spoke 20+ times.
I love how comical it all seems when put into words.  Seems unreal, that I am still sane, or at least not an alcoholic! 
I'm hoping for some peace now...going to turn on Nick Jr. for the little ones.  Let Bailey veg out with his laptop or a book (he can actually read without interruptions!)  and  hope Savannah finds some quiet way of her own to entertain herself.
I'm going to head downstairs and crack open a cold beer and hope I can quickly get through that book of mine...THe Happiest Mom...I WILL BE!

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