Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Turning a new leaf...

It's been awhile...a long while since I was last blogging and writing about my life. I'm finding myself reflecting on why?  Yes, my life is busy, too busy somedays.  But I also waste a lot of precious time on things that just don't need or deserve my attention, as much as other things in my life do.  My new leaf is to focus on what's important in my family, my kids, my husband and quality friendships within my own family unit.  To spend less time, watching t.v. and wasting my communication skills on social networks, instead of communicating within my own household.  To fufill my creative needs by making more and buying less.  I hope to reach out spiritually as well, to find peace and love in my heart that only God can put there. 

Here's to changes for the good...not a resolution, because no one ever keeps resolutions.  I need change, positive, loving, healing change for the better...

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