Friday, April 23, 2010

The Boyen Bunch Week in Review...

Who needs romance and adventure and travel, when you have KIDS!! My week in a nutshell...

Monday: Regular school day (so I thought!) Student taken away by ambulance after severe asthma attack in classroom! She was crying and coughing and I just KNEW she couldn't breathe. I rushed her to the nurses office, then after two neubulizers treatments, Nursie called 911. Then followed by a faculty meeting with TAKS training. BORING! (I like, need and welcome boring!).

Tuesday: Regular school day, tutoring 4th grade math after school, visit to Urgent Care with Bailey to follow. Bailey got an ant bite, that just kept growing and growing and GROWING! I could ignore it no longer. He had to have it lanced, drained and cut away. Topical antibiotics and regular antibiotics to the rescue!! Hand saved!

Wednesday: Regular school day, followed by a Wal-Mart trip with all 4 kids. Let me just say, I absolutely hate shopping with all four kids. It should be considered an act of insanity. I had a list of items, which included some craft stuff, which is why I even choose to go to Wal-Mart, say instead of a grocery trip AND a Hobby Lobby trip. Lorelei was in, then out, then in, then out of the cart. How I even accomplished my list without forgetting anything is beyond me. Bailey complained of all the walking back and forth. "Well...if you all would quit distracting me, I might not forget what I was in the aisle for any ways!" (Moment of mommy frustration, wishing I had a flask of something in my diaper bag!) Home to unpack it all, throw together dinner (mostly pizza leftovers from the night before since I was at the Urgent Care with Bailey till 7:30!). Savannah and I then made homemade, handcrafted Dora the Explorer invites for Lorelei's 3rd birthday party. AND yes, I am "Supermom", if you were wondering. AND no, I simply cannot buy already made invites, because then they would remove my "Supermom" status.

Thursday: Fiesta celebrations and Earth Day at school. Kinder float parade at 2:00. Incredible amount of ears are still ringing! 4th Grade tutoring, final session! Yeah! Home to hurry up and clean up the house for my Brownie troop meeting at 6:30. Yes, I am the leader. And no, I'm really truly not insane. Or a gluten for punishment. Just and over-achieving Supermom. While cleaning, I discover Jonas has fallen asleep with Silly Putty in his hand Wed. night. It's all over his sheets and jammies. I attempt to remove said Silly Putty, only to have Brownies begin to arrive at the door. Someone suggest sticking the jammies in the freezer. OK...Meeting begins, 8 silly, giggling girls. We are making Fiesta Flower/Ribbon crowns. Tissue paper flowers, pipe cleaners and curling ribbon!! Who knew it would take 45 minutes to help the girls make one!! Adorable just the same. Meeting over, commence bedtime!

Friday: DAY OFF!!!! Yeah for Fiesta and Battle of the Flowers! A city wide celebration in San Antonio! Slept in till 8:30, made French Vanilla Oatmeal pancakes for breakfast! YUM! Then discover while making my bed...MORE BLASTED SILLY PUTTY!!! I kid you not. Finally googled (Google is my BEST FRIEND!) "How to remove silly putty from fabric." Rubbing alcohol to the rescue! And now I sit waiting for the washer to do the rest. Lorelei and Savannah are playing quietly in her room, Jonas and Bailey are playing LEGO Star Wars on the X-Box and I am savoring the thoughts of what I might just do next! You know us Supermom's never do get to rest! ;)

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